Susan Chamberlin, JD, MBA

“I do not know if leadership can be taught, but I know it can be learned.  Therefore,”  Susan concludes, “experiential education is preferred and experiential education in the wilderness is ideal.” 

For almost 30 years, Susan has been a part of leadership development in the class room of wilderness expeditions.  Susan earned her MBA from the University of Chicago, her law degree from Wake Forest University and a B.S. in Industrial Psychology from the University of Maryland.  She taught legal research and writing at the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law where she was also the faculty director to the outdoor club.  She served as a trustee for the National Outdoor Leadership School for nine years and is currently a director at the Joseph Campbell Foundation.  She manages an early stage investment fund, a role that involves constant evaluation of the leadership potential and execution of start-up CEOs. When she is not in the great outdoors, she is reading great books and enjoying life on the island Manhattan.