Triple Direct Leadership Programs

We have designed a few leadership ascension programs that incorporate a multitude of experiences. While still customization to the participant and their organization they follow a series of focused experiences that allow for the growth of the individual and the organization.

**Please note we do offer an incentive for collecting survey information prior and post program**

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Our Hallmark and Most involved program. Given the current state of ethical leadership within the world; Triple Direct Leadership, through profound research and development, has designed an ethical leadership ascension program based on historical evidence, competing and complimenting theories, and experiential doctrine. The program consists of a series of phases that develop critical thinkers into ethical, innovative and cognizant leaders.


leading in the digitally INFLUENCED world

As the world becomes more interconnected and more automated, the mixture of technology and the human condition will only be more intertwined. The onset of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Quantum computing are already changing the way we make decisions. We have designed a program that not only adapts the participants but is fluid enough to adapt with the changing technology. Working with select partners we incorporate technology into decision making in the outdoors though several custom designed experiences.



The cousin of our Critical Leader Program, Emerging Leader is designed to force interaction and decision making, show risk vs consequence of action, and fully incorporate what it means to decide as a leader. Custom Designed to grow the emerging leaders of tomorrow.


THE CULTURE expedition

This program is significantly tied to the organization as a whole. Here participants are allowed to dive deep into the culture, how it was built, where it stands and where it is going. Through a series of specifically tailored experiences the champion of the organization serves as an ambassador, while Triple Direct Leadership provides tools necessary to become culturally aware.