What are Program Analytics?

We are on a journey to make leadership a science by developing quantifiable metrics to become the accepted industry standard of performance. Our analytics software quantifies leadership behaviors and core competencies by evaluating human performance in conjunction with business performance. Each of our Leadership Programs may be supplemented with a variety of analytics options to suit your needs.



Return on investment (ROI) Analysis

Ever wonder if the training you invested in actually paid off? We wonder that, too. This is why we spent five years developing our ROI Analytics Package to measure the impact of our training on your bottom line. We scrutinize the effect of our programs with the same discipline as any other capital investment, unafraid of tough numbers.

This process informs our training design to be consistent with the goals of your firm, provides a system of performance measurement over time, and informs decisions on where to allocate future investments.

Task Return on investment (T-ROI) Analysis

Sometimes, organizations need to determine which members will yield the highest return on future professional investment. The T-ROI analytics process measures the impact of our training by evaluating a set of tasks to be completed by participants following an excursion. Based on individual performance and progress at the end of the observation period, a T-ROI is determined.

Organizations use this T-ROI analysis to determine which individuals demonstrate the highest level of performance, and allocate future investments accordingly.

Behavioral Analysis

This analytics process deals strictly with human behavior. Used to examine group interactions and detect disharmony that may exist within the team, The Behavioral Analysis Package evaluates individual personalities, work styles, communication habits, and coping mechanisms, and how each of these elements effects the group dynamic.

With this package, you walk away with focused, individualized feedback to improve key communication areas in order to support the team’s overall growth.

Single Unit Performance (SUP) analysis

This package is ideally suited for companies who do not have a set of standards by which they measure success. We focus on one group in order to design metrics that may be scaled to measure individual performance across an organization.