Leadership Program Overview

Our leadership ascension programs incorporate a multitude of experiences. Customized around participants and organizational goals, these programs follow a series of events designed for growth.

What we offer

Executive Level Leadership Development:  The goal is to grow leaders utilizing high level strategic thinking and tools to get them to grow. From Critical Theory, Pedagogical Method, to Emotional Intelligence and interpersonal conflict management. All of our content is designed around growing physically, emotionally, psychologically AND morally.

Utilization Outside the Conference Room:  We will never prepare a PowerPoint, never step foot in a conference room, and never provide a binder for you to forget about. Our experiences tap into neurological structures to elicit an emotional response to the lessons we design with your organization. The experiences are limited to your imagination: rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, igloo camping, spelunking, spear-fishing, or simply hiking a local trail. The unique utilization of an emotional experience drives personal and professional growth.  

Complete Customization & Originality: We focus every second of every event on the participant organization's Mission, Vision, and Values. All of our events require design time with a Champion of your organization to ensure you achieve your goals. 

Results & Data Driven: We get results. We grow the people who in turn grow your organization. We hold ourselves accountable for your progress. Following every experience, we conduct analytical processes to quantify the impact of your training and provide a 30-day follow-up to evaluate your retention and application of leadership growth.


Leadership Programs


This is our hallmark and most involved program. Given the current state of ethical leadership in the world, Triple Direct Leadership, through profound research and development, has designed an ethical leadership ascension program based on historical evidence, competing and complementing theories, and experiential doctrine. The program consists of a series of phases that develop critical thinkers into ethical, innovative and cognizant leaders.


EMERGING Influencer

The cousin of our Critical Leader Program, Emerging Leader is designed to force interaction and decision making, show risk versus consequence of action, and fully incorporate what it means to make decisions as a leader. Custom-designed to grow the emerging leaders of tomorrow.


THE CULTURE expedition

This program is significantly tied to the organization as a whole. Here participants are allowed to dive deep into the culture, how it was built, where it stands and where it is going. Through a series of specifically tailored experiences the champion of the organization serves as an ambassador, while Triple Direct Leadership provides tools necessary to become culturally aware.