Leadership Development through an Experience!


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What we offer

While there is a wide arrange of activities and venues we focus on three main objectives:

HIGH END LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:  The goal is to grow leaders utilizing high level strategic thinking and tools to get them to grow.

Sample Topics We cover

*Emotional Intelligence

*Change Management

*Active Listening

*Collaborative Diversity

*Stress Utilization 

* Cultural Competency         

*Communication Tools

*Innovation and Efficiency

*Process improvement through Organizational Culture

*Driving Metrics, Leading People



UTILIZATION OUTSIDE THE CONFERENCE ROOM:  We will never prepare a power point, never step foot in a conference room. Our experiences elicit an emotional response to the lessons and engagement we design with your organization. From Rock Climbing to a summit or hiking a local trail. The unique utilization of an emotional experience drives personal and professional growth.  

This is what seperates us from the pack. This is what gives us the ability to overcome generation and experience gaps and most importantly to have FUN!

TOTALLY CUSTOM: We focus every second of every event on the participant organization's Mission, Vision and Values. All of our events require design time with a Champion of your organization. 

We are looking for results! We grow the people who in turn grow your organization!



Provide your team a high end leadership development experience! Our 1 to 2 day long workshops focus on your teams dynamics and take you out into the elements of your local wildness areas. We work through a custom designed excursion to ensure your team gets the most out of the growth content we provide.


Historical Staff Rides

Our Workshops through history.

Prepare your team for the future by learning from the past. Our team will take yours on a journey through the past at a historical site to discuss issues that will ensure your teams growth. From a walk of the Battle of Gettysburg to following in the footsteps of historical figures around DC. Our staff realizes the great significance of lessons already learned through history. 



Dive deep and dig deep as you explore leadership through a true adventure. Our expeditions are destination and development focused. Whether it be climbing in Yosemite or exploring the back country, join a journey with a specialized coach and grow!


Development Programming

Looking to design an ascension pipeline within your organization. Work with us to design an entire program of experiences. 

Working with your team we can design experiences that build upon each other.  Design involves enforcing the leadership growth and technical skills while also building their outdoor proficiency.