Jesse Nickelson, Ed.D. 

Leadership Guide

Jesse believes that leadership is one of the most vital renewable resources in the world. Organizations around the world are facing an unprecedented wave of volatile and change. Leaders have the opportunity to see these currents o change as a threatening force to serve, and inconvenience to manage, or an opportunity for growth and innovation. TO harness these opportunities, leaders ned new approaches to leading people and creating solutions.


Jesse designs and teaches leadership programs and coaches senior teams to think in new ways about the complexity, volatility, and change in their places of work and the markets they complete in. He blends deep theoretical knowledge with a wealth of experience in a journey to make leaders' lives better. 


Jesse has a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in Leadership and Organizational Management. Jesse strives for a life that is fun across the board. He loves to watch his children compete in elite soccer and basketball, travel with his wife and children, and figure out how to make organizations work better. Jesse's extensive experience as a school district officer, museum leader,  and founding board member of an independent school, have given him deep knowledge and practice in the realm of leadership.