Gerardo Martinez, CEO 

Gerardo believes in the potential of every human being to change the world. With the right opportunity, training and passion any person can have a great impact. As a Chicago Native, Gerardo went on to study Engineering at the United States Naval Academy. After graduating, Gerardo served in the Marine Corps as a legal officer and then went on to lead in the corporate world, predominately in the construction industry. From leading staff sections in the Marine Corps, building divisions of a construction company, and assisting to create non-profits, Gerardo has a wide range of experiences to assist in building great relationships. Process improvement and innovation are his strong suite when dealing with organizations.

While starting Triple Direct Leadership he noticed a gap in experiential learning where he saw a fit with his skills. He feels the greatest learning occurs with emotional responses to experience. 

 While Big Wall Climbing is his passion outdoors, mentoring individuals and organizations in achieving their full potential is his driving force.